Romanian Jesuit Refugee Service Association (JRS)

P6 Partner: JRS

P6 Coordinator: Irene Teodor


JRS Romania is a humanitarian, non-governmental, independent, non-profit, apolitical, democratic association .

The association aims to defend, support and promote the fundamental human rights, especially of refugees – in the broadest sense, asylum seekers, migrants and stateless persons. At the same time, considering the defense, support and promotion of fundamental human rights and the continuing need to adapt to dynamic changes in society, through its programs and activities for its benefit, the association contributes to preventing and alleviating suffering in all its forms, protecting life and the environment, people in vulnerable situations such as children and young people, victims of trafficking in human beings, people with disabilities, minorities, economically disadvantaged people, other people in vulnerable situations, as well as to the education of young people through volunteer programs.

JRS offers:

  • Assistance. Holistic assistance: social, educational, medical, legal, financial and accommodation. It provides Romanian language courses and carries out cultural and recreational activities .
  • Advocacy. Monitors the legislative process and proposes improvement measures. It does lobby activities, researches and analyzes. Develops best practice manuals and works with other organizations to develop partnerships .
  • Campaigns. Informs correctly and organizes awareness campaigns in the media, online environment and in working groups.
  • Training. Supports organizations and authorities through preparatory actions. Organizes seminars for judges and lawyers. It prepares future practitioners and volunteers.