Group 4 Media Freedom and Democracy (G4M)

P2 Partner: G4MEDIA

P2 Coordinator: Cristi Pantazi


The Group4 Media Freedom & Democracy Association is a non-profit organization based in Bucharest. The association was founded by Dan Tăpălagă and Cristian Pantazi, journalists with over 20 years of experience in the media, specialized in foreign and domestic politics, economics and justice as well as in the investigative press. The association is open to all those who resonate with the objectives and values of the organization.



Defending and consolidating an independent, free press that respects professional standards.

Affirming and defending press freedom in the face of any form of intimidation, censorship and pressure.

Strengthening the application of the principle of supremacy and rule of law.

Supporting an independent and professional justice system.

Improving the electoral system.

Defending and promoting the principles of good governance, institutional and decision-making transparency and access to information of public interest.


In March 2018, Dan Tăpălagă and Cristian Pantazi, two of the association founders, started the independent website  from zero.
They focus mainly on exclusive stories, investigations and analyses, but also cover the most important events of the day. During some very difficult years for democracy in Romania, they promoted the freedom of speech, the European values, the rule of law and the diversity of opinions.