Christiana Economic Social Cultural Association (CHR)

P3 Partner: CHR

P3 Coordinator: Aura Scarlat


The Christiana Economic Social Cultural Association is a nonprofit non-governmental organization which aims to promote, support, implementation and coordination of activities that contribute to the development of the Neamț region, neighboring counties, Romania and its citizens in the economic, social, educational, cultural, environmental, tourism, socio-educational counseling and assistance to all categories of disadvantaged persons, promoting formal and informal education for all ages, promoting and defending human rights and freedoms, support for culture and sport, promotion of competence, multi-qualification and professional mobility, educating people to charity, volunteering and raising the moral level of society.


Short history

In October 2013, the Christiana Economic Social Cultural Association started in force in the Neamț NGO environment, managing to put together volunteers, partners, local and county institutions, donors.

The Christiana Economic Social Cultural Association was noticeable by events that had a significant impact among the participants:

  • “Rainbow Cultural Nemţeanul”, organized in Săbăoani
  • “Celebrate Santa” and June 1st Parade “Journey in the world of children” , projects undertaken by the Piatra Neamț Municipality, Piatra Neamț City Council and the Neamț County School Inspectorate
  • “Dragobete, altfel”
  • Opening “Artist, Tereza Gogu”
  • Launch of the volume “Female character in the interwar Romanian literature” (Piatra-Neamț, Bicaz, next in Tg. Neamț and Roman)
  • “Different school” with the activities Financial management for all ages, Painting workshop under the direction of painter Lucian Gogu-Craiu, culinary contest Culinary delights.
  • Gala honoring all staff & partners in early 2014 ,with the participation of the Neamț County Inspectorate and Prefecture

Regarding the support for  economic domain, association members participate to conferences organized by various partner institutions, conferences which had the aim of providing practical information about entrepreneurship, international business, exports, European funding sources and more.



In early 2000, the European Commission decided to launch a debate on the reform of European governance, defining “government” as the set of “regulations, processes and attitudes that affect how they exercise power”.

Basically, the values ​​of good governance are considered to be: openness, participation, accountability, consistency and efficiency. These principles we wanted to be referred to by our Association.

Currently, the association succeeded in putting together, through its activities, around 400 volunteers, 20 permanent partnerships with three municipalities in the county, with 50 schools and clubs for children and youth, Prefecture of Neamț, School Inspectorate of Neamț County, Department of Youth and Sport of Neamț County, 8 NGOs carrying out activities involving youth, media, accreditation with the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, starting with the February-June 2014 session.